Learn Everything About Creating An SEO Friendly Growth

The importance of blogging has been realized by organizations since quite long. SEO Services Company is well aware of the fact that blogging helps in building brand loyalty and can also play an important role in online reputation management as well. Not only that, but it also includes a wide range of digital marketing strategies such as inbound and SEO. The main problem is that not many businesses maintain or manage blogs. Today, in this particular article we will look into the importance of blogs in driving traffic and converting organic traffic as a part of SEO strategy.

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What is new for SEO in 2019?

If you are uploading a blog with the hope that it will draw organic traffic then you need to make sure that it follows the best practices of Google in light of RankBrain. According to Google, it is the third largest ranking factor. It is known to have a machine and AI learning hybrid makeup which studies the relation between clicks and queries. It aims to learn more from human intentions in order to provide with better search results.

Is ranking everything?

Almost all organic search strategies focus on ranking content. However, the scene is different when it comes to growth driven SEO. For all the big SEO Services Company out there, the ranking is not everything for them. in fact, it is not even considered to be the main goal even. The main aim is to hit the revenue targets. After all, the main objective of every SEO Services Company strategies is to simply increase the sales and not improve the ranking.

One thing that should be made clear is that every strategy that is designed to rank your content on the top should come with an underlying foundation of turning the organic traffic to sales and only then the strategy is considered to be successful. Your content should speak exactly what your customers are looking for and what Google RankBrain aims to favour.

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Site navigation is important for accessing blogs

If you want to get the best SEO results then you need to make sure that your growth driven blog is put up on the main navigation site. This is important because when Google crawls a website in order to identify topics, it crawls the navigation page of the site and considers the content is in relation with the URL structure, structured data, H tags, image ALTs and other factors. Not only that but when visitors are able to see a link to the blog on the homepage, the chances that they will click on the same link significantly increases. This helps in the generation powerful engagement signals that are known to improve organic ranking and domain authority as well.

Overall, it can be concluded that blogs are really important when it comes to promoting your business and products. Therefore, SEO Services Company should put more focus on their blogs and should make a point to maintain and manage it properly. Just having a blog won’t help if you don’t run it.